Timberwolves legend Kevin Garnett recently returned to Minnesota for a TNT feature in which he sat down with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

KG, who played with both Wolves players when they were younger, prodded Wiggins and Towns about their relationship with Jimmy Butler. Wiggins said he has "no beef" with Butler, while Towns tried to explain what happened when the Wolves were routed by the 76ers in January. "Too much emotion," KAT said.

Towns also expanded on earlier thoughts as to why his All-Star selection this year meant so much to him. "I've been putting emotions and feelings into a box for a while," he said. "When that moment came up it was like the box opened up."

Off camera, Garnett said he was happy for Towns but also said he hopes KAT's second consecutive All-Star berth will "light a fire" under Wiggins. On camera, KG told Wiggins that he's mad at him for not being an All-Star yet.

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