Daunte Culpepper, the ex-Vikings QB, is now an ex-homeowner. Per the AP:


Former NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper has lost a South Florida home he owned to a bank in a foreclosure case.

Broward County court records show the 9,867-square-foot home was surrendered in April to SunTrust Bank in lieu of foreclosure. The bank dropped its lawsuit against Culpepper earlier this month.

Culpepper bought the house for about $3.6 million when he was signed by the Miami Dolphins in 2006. The bank cited $3 million in debt in court papers. Records show Culpepper still owns another home in the suburb of Weston.

Culpepper, you'll recall, signed a $102 million contract in 2003, but in the NFL that's a bit misleading. He received "only" $19 million of it per this ESPN.com item. But still, yeah, not good money management.