You might remember Lance Easley, American hero and NFL replacement ref, from his work on the Green Bay/Seattle game in which he ruled a TD for Golden Tate that gave the Seahawks a last-second victory (and spawned the delightful "Increasingly Lost Season").


Well, thanks to the spirit of American capitalism, Easley is using the controversial ruling as a springboard to all sorts of things. He is, in fact, writing a book.

In the mean time, he is posing for all sorts of awesome pictures, including that one you see with Tate -- at Seattle CB Richard Sherman's celebrity softball game, no less.

And he is also giving the Everett Daily Herald awesome quotes, like this: “The NFL upheld it, I’ve looked at plenty of video, I’ve talked to my replay guys, there’s nothing to turn it over,” Easley said. “The fact is, if you want to say that the defender had control of it in the air—which is loosely used, because really process of a catch you have to have two feet, or another body part, and control the ball when you touch the ground in bounds—the ball could have come loose anywhere in that process for a second, which nobody can really see even with all the cameras, and if it did, then it’s a loose ball but it didn’t touch the ground, so if they’re both on it, it goes to the offense. So it was just one of those calls. It’s just a play that will live in NFL history.” ... “I made a call, it was a correct call—even though Green Bay fans will never say it’s correct—it was a difficult call, and it was one you just don’t want. As an official you want black and white calls, you don’t want gray calls, and that was a gray call that you had to be involved in and make it within a couple of seconds.”

Troll on, Lance Easley. Troll on, American hero.