CBS Sports polled the 129 active FBS college football head coaches and received responses from about one-fifth of them for an anonymous series on a variety of issues related to the sport.

The most recent item of note: Coaches were asked to identify among their peers the most underrated and overrated coaches in the business.

On the overrated side, Willie Taggart (Florida State) and James Franklin (Penn State) pulled in 20 percent of the vote apiece. Right after them?

Two guys with some local interest in Gophers rival Iowa's Kirk Ferentz and Bloomington Jefferson graduate Lane Kiffin, now of Florida Atlantic. Both guys got 13 percent of the vote.

One coach wrote of Kiffin, the son of longtime NFL coach Monte Kiffin: "If you're born on third base, that's great, but don't think you hit a triple."


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