Blair, a kicker in her first season of football, made four of five extra points in a victory against Prior Lake. She became the first female in school history to score points for the football team.

Q: What made you want to try playing football for the first time as a senior?

A: Ever since ninth grade, I would talk about how it would be cool to try it. I have a soccer background but, since I wasn’t playing in high school this year, I thought I should finally do it.

Q: How were you feeling as you got ready to kick your first extra point?

A: I could feel my heart racing because I’ve never had an experience like that. But [quarterback] Ryan Koob and the rest of the guys told me, ‘Calm down. You can do this.’ That helped my nerves. I just went out there, forgot about everything and did it.


Q: What did it feel like to see the first one go through the uprights?

A: When I score in soccer I don’t like smiling, but I couldn’t help but smile.

Q: What was said by your teammates or coaches after the game?

A: All the guys made an effort to tell me ‘good game,’ and give me a high-five. Some of them came up to me about five times.

Q: Coach Mike Diggins said the team has a few male soccer players who could be in the kicking mix. What do you expect your role to be the rest of the season?

A: Each of us has to fight for the spot. It’s just who wants it more.

David La Vaque