(Games played in Metrodome)

Monday, Sept. 18

Weather at MSP: High 88, no rain, peak wind 21 mph.

Twins 3, Texas 1: Joe Mays, Bob Wells and Eddie Guardado shut down Rangers, Twins score 2 of 3 runs on passed ball and double steal. Att: 7,040.

Tuesday, Sept. 19

Weather at MSP: High 69, no rain, peak wind 20 mph.

Twins 15, Rangers 7: Jacque Jones 3-run homer, starter Matt Kinney gets win and losing starter Ryan Glynn allows 12 hits and 9 runs (7 earned) in 3 innings. Att: 6,089.

Wednesday, Sept. 20

Weather at MSP: High 53, no rain, peak wind 26 mph.

Rangers 6, Twins 4: In a 12-inning game that takes 4:11, Texas’ John Wetteland blows save in bottom of 11th, gets win when Rangers score twice off Travis Miller in 12th. Torii Hunter with three hits and future bullpen star J.C. Romero starts and goes 7 innings for Twins. Att: 6,072.