Rachel Hickok is now happily employed as a marketing professional for a local nonprofit, but that wasn't always the case. A mere three months ago, Hickok struggled to find a new job after losing hers. Her ultimate determination to broadcast herself through new platforms paid off when she received a job offer and a chance to change the face of a cause that she is passionate about.

Hickok used a popular tactic that professionals recommend for a successful job hunt: online networking. She willingly reached out to everyone within her circle and then began to go online to search for more resources. Hickok explained her strategy: "My main tools for job hunting were LinkedIn and Twitter. I searched my connections on LinkedIn and met with people who I thought might be a great resource." Additionally, Hickok developed a new mindset, one which sought to use social media as a way to showcase her brand and attract employers by her personality, knowledge and willingness to innovate with new technology. She offered her future employer a transparent view of what she felt was truly offered: a well-rounded candidate.

"I succeeded in my job search because my personal brand fit into what the organization was trying to achieve. My passion for people was evident online, on paper and in person," says Hickok. Her strong sense of wanting to be found - versus becoming just another résumé in a pile - inspired her creativity in the search process and allowed her to rise above the paper stack.

Job seekers who speak about their accomplishments, vision and goals separate themselves from others simply by allowing their confidence to shine. Hickok became actively involved in LinkedIn and attended Twitter "tweet-ups" to meet people that could refer her to open positions and other networking contacts. When she finally met her future boss, Hickok was confident about her abilities and was determined to showcase herself. "I didn't tell them what I'd done in the past. I showed them how my experience and knowledge fit their needs. That's what landed me the job," she says.

Most libraries, workforce centers and even online tutorials offer help with social media and online networking. The best networking happens face to face. Hickok learned that by developing a strong presence online, which helped give her the confidence to meet new people and impress her future employer.