Leftovers from tonight's coverage:

* Here's what Manager Ron Gardenhire said about newcomer Lester Oliveros: "He threw the ball great. As usual, when you’re going to your bullpen that early in the ballgame, you have to force the issue. We didn’t want him to have to throw that many pitches [38], but he actually handled it very well.

"Nice arm slot, ball jumps out of his hand, decent slider. I think the one bad pitch he made, he had two strikes on [Mark] Reynolds, had thrown a couple fastballs by him hard inside and then tried to throw a slider out and over. I think he was mad at himself for that one. But other than that, I thought the ball came out of his hand real good."

* Tonight's Baserunning Blunder of the Game (We need a sponsor for this segment; ie: Comedy Central Baserunning Blunder of the Game) came when Luke Hughes got caught in a rundown between third and home on Ben Revere's one-out grounder in the third inning.

"Either go or stay, one of the two; you can’t stop," Gardenhire said. "If your first baseman's back like that, and you’re told your going home like that, then just keep going. Third baseman playing first base [Reynolds], he’s back, you’ve gotta get a big lead because they were playing third baseman off the line, and you can’t stop, you go home. He bobbled the ball and he had plenty of time to get him. That was an ugly play."

* Also, I trimmed this from my late-edition notebook:

Asked if Ben Revere’s catch leaping into the center field wall on Monday night was the best he’d ever seen, Jim Thome recalled the legendary catch former Cleveland teammate Kenny Lofton made to rob B.J. Surhoff of a home run in 1996.

Lofton planted a foot on the wall, climbed a little higher and reached over the wall to make that catch.

“Both of those plays are right there,” Thome said, comparing Revere’s catch to Lofton’s. “That’s the unbelievable thing about baseball. You never know when you’re going to see a moment like that, and it can happen at anytime.”

I agree with Thome. You never know. But there was no magical moment tonight. Yeesh.

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