– Hackers on Thursday posted hundreds of e-mails from a young Democratic operative that contained documents detailing the minute-by-minute schedules and precise movements of the vice president, the first lady and Hillary Clinton during recent campaign fundraisers and official political events.

The e-mails included names and cellphone numbers of numerous Secret Service agents, spreadsheets with the names and Social Security numbers of campaign donors, and PowerPoint presentations showing step-by-step directions for where officials like Vice President Joe Biden should walk when they arrived at events.

The hackers also distributed what they claimed was a scanned image of the information page from Michelle Obama’s passport, though the authenticity of the image could not be verified.

The e-mails were stolen from the personal Gmail account of Ian Mellul, 22.

There is no indication that Mellul, who was in effect working as a freelancer, did anything wrong, and government officials declined to talk about the use of the private account.