On the eve of his visit to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Gov. Tim Pawlenty sent out a fundraising email asking for help bringing "liberal" power to a "screeching halt."

"The freedoms and liberties that made America the greatest country on earth are being undermined and, unfortunately, this liberal power grab will not stop if we rest on our laurels," the email says. "Liberals currently dominate the power structure in Washington, D.C. and they’ve got an endless amount of far-left financial support to fight back against our recent electoral success and gains in public opinion. That’s if we don’t bring them to a screeching halt by electing leaders who will put freedom over big-government control in places across the nation."

Pawlenty says that "literally dozens of candidates... have requested our strategic, organizational and financial support."

The governor, who just this week relied on $387 million in federal stimulus dollars to balance his budget, also asks: "Will this administration continue to spend obscene amounts of money on failed stimulus plans and threaten to raise taxes?"