It would have made for a good April Fool's joke. “I’m going back into the pub business,” Kieran Folliard told me on Tuesday with a laugh. He’s joking, of course. Sort of. The owner of 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey (and former pub maestro) is partnering with Target Field on a rebranding of its Twins Pubs. They’ll now be called the 2 Gingers Pubs. The small bars sit side-by-side behind home field at the ballpark (one houses the organ player). Folliard said he’s in a mad scrabble to get them redecorated in time for the Twins’ home opener on Monday. However, they won’t necessarily have a Irish pub look. It’ll be more of an “old-fashioned, summertime, front-porch feeling,” he said. I imagine Folliard’s signature cocktail, the refreshing Big Ginger, will go over nicely at the mini-pubs. In fact, 2 Gingers will be available in all of Target Field’s bars. Folliard thinks he'll be spending a lot more time at the ballpark this year. Of course, he's been a Twins fan ever since he moved to America. He touched down in the Twin Cities in 1987.



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