A 19-year-old man will be nearly twice as old when his murder sentence ends for robbing a man playing dice on a St. Paul street and shooting is victim through the heart.

Malik D. Turner, of St. Paul, was sentenced Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court to an 18-year term after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in connection with the death on Aug. 12 of 21-year-old Devon L. Goode, of St. Paul.

With credit for four months in jail since his arrest, Turner will first serve nearly 12 years in prison and the balance of his term on supervised release. He’s also been ordered to pay $74,000 in restitution.

The fatal shot pierced both of Goodes’ lungs and his heart, according to the Medical Examiner’s Office. He also had bruises to his left cheek and jaw.

Witnesses told police several people were playing dice outside, and an armed Turner exited a car that pulled up next to them and demanded their money.

Turner pistol-whipped Goode and shot him, sending the others running. Turner grabbed items near and on Goode, then got in the vehicle and left.

Facebook Live video posted soon after showed Turner displaying a large amount of cash and was accompanied by audio of someone saying “real [expletive] shooters, man.”

Turners’s shoes and pants are visible in the video, and the garments match those worn by the shooter and captured in surveillance video from the crime scene.

Police arrested Turner the next day at his mother’s home in St. Paul. He had with him a packed suitcase and $332.

At the time of the shooting, Turner was under juvenile court jurisdiction for first-degree robbery stemming from a holdup in December 2016. He was 17 at the time.