Here are two of the highlights of my interview at the Star Tribune State Fair stage with the Gophers' Jordan Murphy and Eric Curry:

• Murphy on freshman forward Jarvis Omersa: "He's up there. He's up there. He definitely has some outstanding athleticism. It's like 'wow' every practice. There are times when he gets ahead of himself. But I think he's learning and keeping an open mind. He definitely wants to learn. He asks the right questions. Sometimes he just has to realize he has a lot to learn, but he has time to do it."

• Curry on his injury recovery: "In the beginning stages, I really listened and I was taking my time. ... Toward the end of the summer when I got healthy I started to play 5-on-5. They limited my time, so I started to get a little bit impatient. I was like, 'Coach, put me in and let me practice more. I'm ready.' But I love what they're doing with it. I'm not going to rush it. It's not just for right now. They're looking out for my future."