A MRI taken in Miami on Ricky Rubio’s injured ankle confirmed a “significant” sprain and he is out indefinitely.

It’ll likely be at least two weeks until the team has a better idea the damage caused when he badly rolled his ankle just before halftime of Friday’s 112-103 overtime loss at Orlando.

The injury was not diagnosed as a “high ankle” sprain, which is good news because that’s a slow-healing injury that can take six to eight weeks or more to heal.

The MRI also confirmed there is no fracture.

Rubio is in Miami with the team, but will not be at the arena for tonight’s game against the Heat.

He is expected to return home to Minneapolis sometime this weekend and will not travel on the rest of this trip that will take the team to Mexico City, New Orleans and Dallas.

If I had to guess, and it’s just me spit-balling here, I’d say he’s out at least three to four weeks.

Rubio was injured late in Friday’s second quarter in Orlando when he drove the lane toward the basket and he badly turned his ankle, it almost bending over and touching the floor. The play drew on a foul, but he also ended up under the basket writhing in pain.

After being attended to, he was helped by teammates and the Wolves’ training staff off the floor to keep weight off that ankle.

He was x-rayed immediately in the arena and made his way back to the locker room on crutches.