Mike Tarino and Doug Robinson bring extensive industry experience as human experience lead and chief revenue officer, respectively, to Bind, the Minneapolis “on-demand” health coverage startup.

Robinson and Tarino join Bind as the company expands from structuring coverage for 2,000 people to more than 50,000 next year, according to Robinson.

“We are absolutely committed to delivering excellence for all 50,000-plus of those members,” Robinson said. “It’s a tall order for a young company but we’re absolutely committed and focused on doing exactly that.”

Tarino’s two decades in health care services include working in consumer experience for Bind founder and CEO Tony Miller at Miller’s consumer-driven health venture, Definity Health.

Robinson, who has 30 years of health care experience, said he worked closely with Miller and Definity on behalf of clients while Robinson ran U.S. strategic health care consulting practices for Deloitte Consulting and PwC.

Bind, founded in 2016, works with employers to structure health benefits so that employees pay for a core plan to cover most needs and buy coverage for certain services only as needed. The company has raised $70 million to finance its expansion after raising $12 million in startup funding.

Q: What brought you to Bind?

Tarino: This is a chance to rejoin a management team I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Equally important, I’m confident that Bind is the most innovative company on the health care financing dimension of the health care ecosystem that I’m aware of. It’s exciting to see what I think is needed innovation in the domain of health care that’s been underinvested in.

Robinson: Bind is an innovative company that’s surrounded and informed by people who are anxious to do something different in health care and to come up with solutions that truly work. I’m excited to be at Bind because of the need and the sense of urgency and anxiety that’s out there in the space. I think we collectively feel as though we’ve got to get this right and not just for Bind but for our culture and our society.

Q: What are your priorities at Bind?

Robinson: Clearly it’s to drive growth. We’re focused on the midmarket and large employers to start with. They understand the challenges within the health care system and they’ll understand our solutions quite well.

Tarino: The human experience team is responsible for defining the overall blueprint for how Bind interacts with the consumers. Success for us is an opportunity to help consumers with coverage, treatment path and providers in a way that supports their ultimate goals. Doing that will give us the opportunity to deliver on our promise to our clients, employers and other organizations that sponsor health benefits for their employees and family members.