Some people are happy driving a Honda Accord or Kia Soul, while others are willing to pay more to drive a BMW or Mercedes.

The same concept goes for cellphones.

Some people will pay $1,000 or more for the latest Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9.

But the Amazon Prime Exclusive version of the Motorola Moto G6 costs a quarter of that.

If you like the full-screen, small-front bezel looks of the Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X, the Moto G6 will look very familiar — in a good way.

The G6 is a slippery phone. The front and back are made of Corning Gorilla glass, and the back curves up on the sides, which makes it easier to pick up but also very slick in the hand.

The main cameras (dual sensors) are mounted in a quarter-sized round bump on the back of the G6. The only buttons are for volume up and down and for sleep/power.

As you might expect, the G6’s specs are a step down from more expensive flagship phones.

The G6 is not waterproof but has a “water-repellent” coating that can protect it from accidental splashes or light rain, according to Motorola’s website.

The battery capacity is 3,000 milliamp-hours, which was big enough to last all day for most people.

Even though the back of the G6 is glass, it cannot be charged wirelessly. But it has a dual-camera system that’s normally found on higher-end phones.

The Amazon Prime Exclusive Moto G6 is about $15 cheaper for Prime subscribers and comes with a handful of Amazon apps preinstalled.

During the phone’s initial setup, you are asked for your Amazon ID and password, which is used to log you in to all the Amazon apps, including Amazon shopping, Prime Video, Kindle, Amazon Music, Prime Photos, Prime Now and a few more.

The G6 also can work as an Alexa device. Double pressing the power/sleep button brings up an Alexa prompt for you to give your orders.

The G6 is designed to live alongside those flagship phones as a handset that is quite capable and even shares some of the same desirable features as those expensive phones but at a good price.

It’s a good phone at a great price and a nice balance of features vs. value.