As if we didn’t need one more thing to argue about this holiday, there are always contentious real estate transactions to rail against during an epic game of Monopoly.

That’s why Hasbro, the game’s maker, has established a helpline in the U.K. for families to call in and settle disputes. The line will be open Dec. 24 to 26, so in between holiday merriment and conviviality, people can finally prove themselves right once and for all.

“We’ll have experts on hand with the official rulebooks to instantly settle any disputes, and advice on how to resolve common complaints...,” a spokesman for the British arm of the company told While on the line, callers can make a donation to a children’s organization.

The decision to provide this benevolent service was based on a survey of players that found that 51 percent of Monopoly games end in a fight.

The most common complaint among angry players is people who make up the rules as they go along. Winners being too cocky also draws ire, as does stealing from the bank, taking too long to take a turn, and disagreeing over what the “Free Parking” space means.

Unfortunately, Hasbro hasn’t established a helpline in the United States, so families here may continue to fight over the game.