The driver of a 1915 Model T has died after a wheel fell off the vintage vehicle and it crashed on a southeastern Minnesota highway, authorities said.

Kenneth W. Meek, 64, of St. Clair, Mo., died at St. Marys Hospital in Rochester on Wednesday, one week after the crash west of Chatfield on Hwy. 30, according to the State Patrol.

Meek's wife, Margaret, 68, was hospitalized with noncritical injuries, the State Patrol said.

The Meeks were participating in a Model T Ford Club International multistate tour.

The Meeks' car rolled twice on eastbound Hwy. 30, throwing them from the vehicle.

"I don't believe there were seat belts [added to] the vehicle," Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske said, adding that state law does not require seat belts for vehicles manufactured before 1964.

He said Kenneth Meek "lost control and rolled" the car.