San Sebastián, Spain. Buenos Aires, Argentina. And Minneapolis.

These are among the best food cities in the world, according to top culinary talent from around the globe.

Bloomberg chief food critic Richard Vines surveyed some of the best international chefs to find out where in the world they like to eat — beyond typically renowned food cities like Paris, New York and Tokyo.

Daniel Boulud, whose restaurant Daniel is considered one of New York City’s finest restaurants, chose our humble hometown thanks to our own great chefs, like Ann Kim, Jamie Malone and John Kraus.

Here’s what Vines wrote:

“New York-based Daniel Boulud of Daniel is a fan of Minneapolis. ‘It’s always been one of the top cities but now you are seeing the rise of a whole generation of chefs going back home from New York, from Chicago, from L.A. and Europe. They are opening very cool places. People like Ann Kim at Young Joni, and Jamie Malone at Grand Cafe. And then you have John Kraus, a very, very talented pastry chef with Patisserie 46, which is really special ... A good city for food is a city with good companies spending on entertaining.’ Boulud also cited Gavin Kaysen of Spoon and Stable as particularly influential.”

It’s worth noting that Boulud is one of Kaysen’s mentors; Kaysen was chef de cuisine at NYC’s Café Boulud before returning to Minneapolis in 2014 to open Spoon & Stable. So, it’s safe to say, Boulud knows what he’s talking about.

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