Big 3-0 win by the Wild on Tuesday night over the Hawks.

Last year, Ilya Bryzgalov saved the Wild's bacon by going 7-1-3 down the stretch and recording three shutouts in 10 starts. Devan Dubnyk has bested that mark by being the fastest Wild goalie to three shutouts (eight starts) by making 24 saves Tuesday night (he came within 7 minutes, 40 seconds of doing it last game against Vancouver in his seventh start).

Sense a theme?

Yeah, the Oilers stink defensively. And the Wild doesn't. Two goalies who floundered in Edmonton seem to have no problem performing in Minnesota.

The Wild's goaltending turned south in November and eventually the Wild's game fell apart as confidence in the goalies waned and everybody tried to compensate before all semblance of what made the Wild successful disappeared.

Dubnyk has given the Wild quality goaltending since his Jan. 14 arrival, and slowly but surely signs of the good Wild, not the bad Wild, have reappeared.

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