phelpsFan behavior at sporting events has been in the news lately, particularly with Wisconsin banning certain common cheers at high school games.

Hopefully we can reach a quorum — if not an outright consensus — when it comes to one specific event that occurred Thursday night: Legendary Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps donning a tiny swimsuit to help distract a free throw shooter in a game between Arizona State and Oregon State … hey, that was funny.

He got behind the ASU “Curtain of Distraction” as Oregon State’s Stephen Thompson Jr. prepared to shoot free throws. Then Phelps emerged with two other ASU fans from the student section while shirtless and wearing several Olympic gold medals. For the second free throw, he dropped down all the way to his tiny suit.

The shooter? He missed both free throws. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is.

It was gamesmanship. It was a moment. It was funny.

It also got us thinking: If the Gophers copied this “Curtain of Distraction” idea, who would be the best local famous person to put behind it?

(Is it Prince? It might be Prince).

Your suggestions in the comments, please. Feel free to include ideas for props.

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