Metro Transit announced new steps on Wednesday to promote social distancing on its buses, including a suggestion that passengers wear a mask or face covering while aboard.

The new policy effect Thursday. Howie Padilla, agency spokesman, said the mask suggestion will not be enforced but is “strongly encouraged.”

In addition, Metro Transit said only 10 passengers will be permitted on 40-foot buses, and 15 on 60-foot buses.

If a bus is full, its overhead display will say “Next Bus Please” to notify waiting customers that they should wait for the next bus, according to the new guidelines. As soon as enough passengers leave the bus, the sign will be turned off and boarding can resume, the transit agency said.

Metro Transit can only be used for essential trips in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, a bus driver trainee tested positive for the coronavirus, but Metro Transit said he had no contact with the public.