Target Acquirer

Date Location Location Description

6/24 Expert Insulation Inc. Installed Building Products Installed Building Products has acquired Expert Insulation Inc. and

Brainerd, Minn. Columbus, Ohio Expert Insulation of Brainerd Inc., a provider of fiberglass and spray

foam insulation installation services.

6/25 FastBridge Learning LLC Illuminate Education Inc. Illuminate Education, a provider of K-12 data and assessment

Minneapolis Irvine, Calif. software, has acquired FastBridge Education, a developer of

tests for math, reading, and social-educational well-being.

6/25 HydroHoist Marine ShoreMaster LLC ShoreMaster LLC and HydroHoist Marine Group announced the

Group Inc. Fergus Falls, Minn. merger of their respective dock and boat lift companies.

Grand Lake, Okla.

6/25 Med City Mobility LLC Reliable Medical Reliable Medical Supply, a portfolio company of Seven Hills Capital,

Rochester Supply LLC has acquired Med City Mobility, a provider of complex rehab

Brooklyn Park technology, clinical respiratory and durable medical equipment.

6/26 Datica Health LLC Sansoro Health Inc. Datica Health and Sansoro Health have merged, with the combined

Minneapolis Minneapolis company offering a self-service platform for securing cloud-based

applications and integrated patient data.

6/27 ASV Holdings Inc. Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd. Yanmar Holdings will acquire ASV Holdings, a manufacturer of

Grand Rapids, Minn. Osaka, Japan front-loader construction equipment.

6/28 OMNNI Associates Inc. Westwood Professional Westwood Professional Services, a surveying and engineering firm,

Appleton, Wis. Services has acquired OMNNI Associates, an engineering and architectural firm.