Target Acquirer

Date Location Location Description

6/5 Patterson Cos. Inc. Patterson Cos. Inc. Patterson Cos. entered into a stock repurchase

Mendota Heights Mendota Heights agreement for up to $37.5 million of common stock.

6/5 Anthem Marketing Periscope Periscope will acquire Anthem Marketing Solutions,

Solutions LLC Minneapolis a marketing agency with experience in analytics,

Chicago database marketing and loyalty services.

6/5 Graphic Systems Vomela Cos. Vomela has acquired the visual merchandising division

Group LLC - Visual St. Paul of the former Graphic Systems Group.

Merchandising Division

New York, N.Y.

6/6 Badger Graphic Systems Quality Resource Quality Resource Group has acquired Badger Graphic

of Madison Inc. Group Systems, a print management and marketing firm.

Sun Prairie, Wis. Plymouth

6/7 CampusDoor Inc. Incenter LLC Incenter, a provider of trading, advisory and fulfillment

Carlisle, Pa. St. Paul services for lenders and specialty finance companies,

has acquired CampusDoor, a student loan provider.