Target Acquirer

Date Location Location Description

2/28 Bailiwick Inc. Norwest Equity Norwest Equity Partners has named an undisclosed investment

Chaska Partners in Bailiwick Inc., an information technology services firm.


3/1 Best Buy Co. Inc. Best Buy Co. Inc. Best Buy Co. will enact a $1 billion share purchase plan that is

Portogruaro, Italy Golden Valley expected to be completed over the next two years.

3/1 Elk Grove Graphics Vomela Cos. Vomela Cos. has acquired Elk Grove Graphics, a

Elk Grove, Ill. St. Paul provider of data-driven marketing communications.

3/2 Network Access Comm-Works Comm-Works has acquired Network Access Products, a broad-

Products Inc. Holdings LLC spectrum information technology solutions provider, which

Ramsey Plymouth will give Comm-Works a second network operations center

based in Fort Myers, Fla.

3/3 Manufacturer’s Supply Fastenal Co. Fastenal has acquired certain assets of industrial and fastener

Co. — certain assets Winona supply distributor Manufacturer’s Supply Co.

Hudsonville, Mich.