Consumers who have grown used to the 11% rebate promotions at Menards will appreciate a more generous offer through Saturday. Menards brought back its bag sale, which was included in the Sunday, Jan. 1 newspaper.

The brown paper sack, grocery bag sized, allows anyone to get 15% off anything that can be fit inside the bag. Items can be regular or sale-priced.

Printing on the bag spells out the conditions, including no disassembling of merchandise or stacking beyond the height of the bag.

The 15% discount is immediate at the register. There is no waiting 8 weeks for a certificate good only at Menards. 

The company is not taking the bag after purchase or putting a large black "X" to indicate it has been used. The same bag can be re-used as often as needed through Saturday, Jan. 7. If you lost a bag or did not get one, extras are available at a Menards service desk, although I don't know if supplies will last all week.

Home Depot will match Menards 15% offer if the sack is brought in.I don't know if Home Depot will allow multiple uses of the sack, however. Lowe's is matching the offer this time, which is a change from its past policies. Last year Lowe's introduced an instant discount promotion that seemed to be in response to Menards 11 percent offers. Fleet Farm does not match the 15% sack sale or the 11% rebate promotions.

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