freseAn exhibition game between an NCAA powerhouse and a Division II team might seem like a recipe for a lopsided score, but things were actually close for a while when Maryland took on Bluefield State on Wednesday in a women’s basketball tilt.

Bluefield State jumped out to an early 3-2 lead, in fact. But Maryland was able to regroup to lead at halftime 74-17.

Those positive feelings carried over to the second half, when the Terrapins shut out Bluefield State 72-0, leading to the final score of 146-17.

Brenda Frese, Maryland’s coach — and formerly the Gophers coach — declared the game a “good tuneup” and a means for the Terrapins to get “rid of those jitters.”

Maryland, which won the NCAA title in 2006 under Frese (pictured in a 2014 file photo) and reached back-to-back Final Fours in 2014-15, will certainly know exactly what to do if it has another triple-digit lead this season.

Some call it the hardest lead to keep in sports, but the Terrapins proved otherwise by expanding the lead in an eventual 129-point victory.

It does help when your opponent goes 0 for 20 from the field after halftime, but maybe we should just chalk that up to smart adjustments from Frese?

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