Marvin Windows and Doors is getting a makeover.

For one thing, like Dunkin’ Donuts and Weight Watchers, it’s slimming its name.

Moving forward, all the business lines will now be called simply Marvin. Gone will be the Integrity Windows and Doors and Marvin Windows and Doors brands.

The rebranding announced Tuesday is part of a bigger reorganization for the 107-year-old Marvin, headquartered in Warroad, Minn., that also includes changes in its product portfolio and the launching of new “collections” around consumer preferences.

“A single brand expands on this possibility and allows us to use our expertise to make a positive impact on our customers’ lives for years to come,” said CEO Paul Marvin. “The look and feel of the brand and collections may be changing, but the core of who we are … remains the same.”

The Signature Collection will offer “aspirational products” with fresh designs and category-leading innovation.

The Elevate Collection will include the previous Integrity Wood-Ultrex branded products and focus on beautiful designs, strength and price.

The third collection, called Essential, will create streamlined, maintenance-free windows and doors that boast clean lines.

“The average person spends 90% of their time indoors, making it more important than ever to consider the role windows and doors play in people’s lives, their connection to the outdoors and their well-being,” Marvin said in a statement.

As a result, the Marvin Design Lab will be taking a customer-focused approach to designing products.

The company’s longtime logo of a yellow rose has also been replaced by an updated modern image to reflect what the company called its “progressive, design-forward future and the company’s heritage of optimism and hospitality.”

The yellow-rose emblem was first used by the company in 1968.

Officials noted that the changes required an upfront financial investment but said efficiencies will soon be gained from supporting one brand vs. two. Company officials did not disclose costs or how much will eventually be saved from the effort.

The rebranding and logo updates are the latest changes employed since August 2017 when Paul Marvin was named chief executive.

At the time, Paul Marvin succeeded his uncle John W. “Jake” Marvin and became the first of the fourth generation of family members to take the company reins.

The company, headquartered near Minnesota’s northern border, has more than 5,500 employees, 12 U.S. and Canadian facilities and revenue of between $600 million and $1 billion.