You might remember Marcus Fitzgerald from his tryout with the Vikings earlier this year. You might also know that he is now with the California Redwoods of the United Football League (head coach: Denny Green!). But mostly, you probably know Marcus as the younger brother of Larry Fitzgerald, the star wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals (and both Fitzgeralds are from Minneapolis, making them not just one of us, but two of us).

Well, it seems as though Marcus is getting Larry in a little trouble. IS THIS YOUR HOMEWORK LARRY? No, not like that. More like posting Twitter updates all day Sunday about how bad Kurt Warner is and how the "old-[redacted]" needs to get his brother the ball. He claims now that he was joking, and it probably wouldn't be quite so bad if he hadn't tweeted to say Larry texted him at halftime because he was so frustrated with his lack of involvement in the offense.

Making it a little more bizarre: Warner was 24 for 26 in the game and had a QB rating of 131.2. He also threw a TD pass to Larry Fitz for the second consecutive week.

The posts have since been deleted from his Twitter account, but you'll note on the Deadspin link above that they are easily retrievable. And just as soon as someone prints them out for Kurt Warner and explains first what the Internet is and then what Twitter is, there's going to be a real locker room divide. You just wait.


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