When Jason and Lucie Amundsen exited their yoga class at the University of Minnesota Duluth Monday night, they encountered a very Minnesota problem. The rain had turned to ice on the windshield of their Subaru and their scraper was broken.

Jason Amundsen is a farmer and usually has a knife on hand. Since knives and yoga clothes don't typically go hand-in-hand, the 44-year-old man had to make do and grabbed his daughter's hockey skates from the back of the car. He removed the skateguard from one skate and slid the blade back and forth across the windshield.

"I'd never seen this technique before," said Jason's wife Lucie Amundsen. "It truly is the most Minnesota thing I've seen."

Lucie was enamored by her husband's ingenuity and grabbed her phone to document the moment.

"I was proud of him and I was charmed by his inventiveness," she said. "And I was impressed by how well it worked."

Jason was, too: "It's not a good use of skates," he said, "but it was an impromptu device and it worked out pretty slick."

Lucie shared the 10-second video on their business Facebook page, Locally Laid Egg Company. The University of Minnesota Duluth shared the video on its Facebook page, too, and it has since been viewed nearly 600,000 times.