Hearing aid maker Amplifon is moving its North American headquarters from a Plymouth office building to a Minneapolis office tower, in pursuit of the stature and density of amenities downtown.

Amplifon is the maker of the Minnesota-invented Miracle-Ear line of hearing aids, among other products and services. The company has global headquarters in Italy, and does business in North America from offices in Minnesota.

In November, the North American headquarters staff of 180 people will move from Plymouth to the 23rd and 24th floors of the 150 tower in the Fifth Street Towers in Minneapolis.

The move will cut Amplifon's space from 50,000 square feet to 44,000, even though the company plans to add another 40 jobs soon after relocating.

The new offices are on the downtown skyway system, offer easy access for bus and light-rail commuters, and are close to cultural, dining and entertainment amenities that employees say they want nearby, company executives said Monday.

A downtown tower is also in line with the image the company wants to project, said Amplifon Americas Executive Vice President Marc Lundeberg: "We wanted to be a modern employer, which we wanted to express through our offices."

The types of jobs included in the move are shared administrative services, human resources, finance, marketing, information technology, legal and business development, among others.