Lunds & Byerlys said Tuesday it has voluntarily “withdrawn” certain fresh turkeys sold over the past week, saying the birds may have an “off-odor noticeable to some customers.”

“While we have no knowledge of the product posing a health or safety risk, it does not meet our quality standards,” the Edina-based supermarket chain said in a press statement.

The problem turkeys were discovered by employees doing spot checks on merchandise, said Aaron Sorenson, Lunds & Byerly’s spokesman. There was a “bubbling” on the packaging of some turkeys, and when employees unpackaged those birds, they noticed a gaseous odor, he said.

“It could lead to an undesirable eating experience,” Sorenson said. “We don’t want to have a negative impact on anyone’s Thanksgiving.”

The withdrawal, essentially a recall, involves Lunds & Byerlys Fresh All-Natural Brined Whole Turkeys.

Any customers who purchased those turkeys from Nov. 18 to Nov. 23 should return them to any Lunds & Byerly’s for a full refund, the company said.

The turkeys affected by the product withdrawal make up about 2 percent of Lunds & Byerlys’ turkey sales, the company said. No other turkeys, including Lunds & Byerly’s Cider Brined Turkey Breast, are included in the product recall.

Specifically, fresh brined turkeys with the following UPC codes and weights are included: 25222500000 (10-14 pounds); 25221500000 (14-16); 25222600000 (16-20); 2522160000 (20-24).