She’s already been out front on Vogue, Essence, Entertainment Weekly and Time, so it's about time Lizzo also finally landed on the cover of Rolling Stone. Turns out, though, her arrival on the front of the magazine's February issue might be perfect timing, since it lands just ahead of what could be her biggest weekend yet career-wise at Sunday's Grammy Awards.

The ex-Minneapolitan singer/rapper truly looks dazzling out front and inside the magazine, which hired famed fashion photographer David LaChapelle for the shoot. For the cover, he featured her in a Garden-of-Eden-like backdrop and tropical body suit surrounded by two worshipful (and mostly naked) dudes. The headline reads, "Lizzo: How She Conquered the World."

Other photos – which are posted with the story at -- see her playing her beloved flute Sasha in the nude, donning Cleopatra-like gold attire surrounded by mannequins and lounging in a see-through robe amid a Roaring-‘20s-like art deco setting.

The story itself is similarly revealing. Writer Brittany Spanos got the 31-year-old to open up a little more about the romantic split that informed many of the songs on last year’s album “Cuz I Love You;” it apparently was a go-to-therapy level bad breakup. Here’s what she told Spanos of getting professional help:

“That was really scary. But being vulnerable with someone I didn’t know, then learning how to be vulnerable with people that I do know, gave me the courage to be vulnerable as a vocalist.”

Lizzo also owns up to some bad social-media behavior, including her rant that publicly exposed the name of a Postmates carrier who didn’t deliver her food. She says she has quit Twitter altogether:

“I was [bleeping] wrong. I’m big enough to admit that.”

She also talks a little more about Prince and how he had committed to producing music for her after she and her Chalice bandmate Sophia Eris sang on his “Plectrum Electrum” album, support that came at a pivotal time during her Minneapolis era when she was learning to be her own weird self:

“I was like, ‘I’m too weird for the rappers and too black for the indies.’ I was just sitting in this league of my own. To be embraced by Prince and co-signed, I am eternally grateful for that.”

Now we’ll see how many of the Grammy voters have signed off on Lizzo. She’s up for more trophies than any artist in Sunday night’s proceedings out in Los Angeles -- eight total, including album, song and record of the year as well as best new artist.