I get a chuckle out of those people who believe O.J. Simpson will be in prison the rest of his natural life. They need a crash course in Criminal Justice 101.

The fact is, Simpson will likely do somewhere between two to five years before being paroled because, as much as people hate to admit it, the guy has no criminal record and the so-called robbery and kidnapping were nothing more than a dispute between a bunch of hoodlums who no one really feels sorry for.  Additionally, prisons are overcrowded and Simpson functions as a fairly normal member of society.  Seriously, if the offender in question wasn’t despised by the masses, would anyone be in favor of a lengthy prison term given the circumstances of the “crime”?

Simpson had a dispute with the “victims.” Like many people do every day, he chose to address the dispute with force rather than reason and in doing so violated the definition of Nevada law.

I’m all for examining the situation for what it is and giving Simpson his just punishment. But using the incident as a catalyst for retribution for the 1994 murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown is despicable and makes the Nevada justice system appear just as corrupt as Simpson himself.
Jason Gabbert, Apple Valley