Viewers of “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend might have had a moment of déjà vu, when the show aired a faux-Super Bowl ad for Totino’s pizza rolls for the third year in a row.

Each time, Vanessa Bayer plays a kitchen-bound wife preparing the tiny pockets of pizza for her husband and football-watching friends, who she calls her “hungry guys.”

On Saturday, the skit took on the style of an indie French film, with Bayer and guest host Kristen Stewart falling deeply in love while the “hungry guys” ignored them for the big game.

Totino’s, which is a General Mills brand, knew the skit was coming as of late Friday, but didn’t have any involvement in the content, said Caio Correa, marketing manager for Totino’s.

The morning after the skit aired, Totinos’ Twitter account (@totinos) had a zinger ready:

It’s actually a phrase they’d coined previously, Tweeting out variations on Women’s Equality Day last year, and earlier, in 2013.

The effect of the skit was noticeable on Super Bowl night, as people continued to tweet about the spoof.

“There is no question that this skit provided a ton of exposure to Totino’s at a key time of year for us,” Correa wrote in an email. “The skit captured the media's attention and we saw a lot of energy from our fans on social media over the weekend.”

The first faux-Totino’s ad came in 2015, when “SNL” parodied a new product in the Totino’s line — an activity pack for women, bored by the game, that includes a plastic top, word search and connect the dots.

Last year, the spoof had the guys, including guest Larry David, cheering fanatically at a blank screen, as though possessed.