OK, so let's sort out the important details from TMZ's story on Wolves guard Jimmy Butler doing some late-night singing at a club in Chicago:

1) Most importantly for Wolves fans: Butler looks to be moving around on stage JUST FINE. So yeah, don't worry (at least for now) about the knee injury that knocked him out of 17 games late in the year and caused "general soreness" (per Tom Thibodeau) that kept him out of the latter parts of Game 5 against the Rockets.

2) Most importantly for Butler: The man can sing. He belted out "Let Me Love You" by Mario around 2:30 a.m. recently at a club called PRYSM. TMZ reports that Buckets "stole the show" with his impromptu crooning.

3) Most importantly for the world: There are multiple videos. The one from a distance shows Butler moving around well. The one from up close, after a fan got on stage, is a moment of pure joy.

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