Jimmy Butler was on the cover of Sunday’s Star Tribune and now graces the cover of Sports Illustrated’s NBA preview issue. Both of those are positions of prestige, but I can concede the latter probably carries more weight.

I would recommend you read both of the stories — ours by Jerry Zgoda and the SI piece by Lee Jenkins. SI had a little more space, as is the case with magazines vs. newspapers, and used that room wisely to write a captivating profile of Butler and exactly what makes him go.

There great details about Butler giving out his cell number at his introductory press conference, among other things, but this paragraph stood out above all else when trying to understand just what the Wolves have in Butler:

Butler flies in a Gulfstream but drives a Toyota minivan with a baby on board sticker across the back, even though he is single with no children. He put up 52 points in a game last season against the Hornets and 40 in a half the season before against the Raptors, but his preferred final score is 2–0. His favorite time of year is “grimy season,” an unspecified stretch of summer and fall when he braids his hair, grows his beard and works out twice a day, hot yoga in between. “Bandannas and buckets,” he crows. “That’s the heart. That’s the hustle.”

Read the rest. It’s worth your time.

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