Now that baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has upheld the Hall of Fame ban of Pete Rose, let's hear no more excuses or well-wishes for him.

He blew it. He got caught violating the one sacrosanct rule in baseball. He lied about it. He lied about it some more. He thumbed his nose at baseball. He lied some more. Then he lied some more.

You're certainly allowed to feel sorry for him. He is the definition of a tragic figure. He is also the cause of all of his own problems.

I get the sentimentalists who want to see the hit king in the Hall. He would seem to belong. And I get those who say that there are plenty of cheaters, or at least suspected cheaters, in the Hall or on the way to the Hall. All true.

But Rose can't be excused. He violated the one rule that is emphasized above all others, the rule designed to ensure that gamblers couldn't compromise the motives of those involved in the outcomes of games. He lied about it to multiple commissioners.

Forgive him in your hearts, if you like, but baseball can't be in the business of forgiving him in the Hall.

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