Minneapolis boxer and WBA welterweight champion Jamal James will defend his title on Oct. 30 in Las Vegas against Radzhab Butaev.

The match will be televised as part of Showtime Championship Boxing, as a mandatory defense of James' title.

"This guy is coming to take it, and we're coming to keep it," said Sankara Frazier, James' trainer and mentor. "This guy is strong. We have height and reach on him. We have experience on him. He's put up a couple of good fights and they put him up for this, so they must think he can do it. But we're in condition and we're ready."

Frazier runs the Circle of Discipline Gym in Minneapolis, where Frazier learned to box. The two prepare for big fights at their training camp in Barnum, Minn.

James is 27-1 with 12 knockouts. Butaev, from Russia, is 13-0 with 10 KOs.