The good folks over at -- which we have to imagine includes Justin Morneau -- sent us a Tweet pointing us toward a charity auction for an autographed Morneau "Sluggie." You might recall that a sluggie is exactly like one of those new-fangled "Snuggies" you see advertised. It's a blanket with sleeves -- not ideal for hitting home runs, but we suppose not so bad for watching a ballgame on a chilly night at Target Field.

Bidding is a little over $100 right now and is open for another 5 days. All the proceeds from this autographed Sluggie the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer awareness fund. Morneau will apparently sign it sometime in early May and ship it to you in time for Mother's Day (May 9). It is apparently the only pink Sluggie created in the entire universe. Other fine print:

* Inscriptions subject to approval.
* The Sluggie will be signed in silver on the maple leaf patch.
* Shipping date is dependent upon payment being received promptly after end of auction
* Bat not included

Justin Morneau presumably neither endorses nor copies the model's right-handed, choked-up stance.