Heading into 2015, economic conditions appear to be the most favorable in years. But business leaders never assume the wind will stay at their backs for long.

That’s why the Minnesotans in this year’s Eye on 10 continue to preach the need to innovate to meet the challenges of shifting markets.

Global powerhouse 3M is riding an unprecedented stock market high, but CEO Inge Thulin emphasizes the need to invest for long-term prosperity.

Inc. magazine touts Field Nation as one the nation’s fastest-growing small businesses, but CEO Mynul Khan approaches each new year as if it’s Day One for his company.

At CaringBridge, founder Sona Mehring extols the site’s ability to harness the power of healing while the company works to connect with an increasingly mobile-centric user.

Rounding out the group are leaders from Target Corp., Optum, Medtronic Inc., the ad agency Solve, Evereve clothing store, CHS, and the tech firm Jingit.

Big or small, established or emerging, they share a commitment to renouncing complacency and embracing the next challenge as another opportunity.

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