Following sports in 2018 also means following athletes on their social media accounts. Sometimes unfiltered reactions come through in a tweet, an Instagram video or a Snapchat, sometimes complete with emojis.

The last 24 hours offered a bounty of material for fans to digest and unravel in the wake of Jimmy Butler requesting a trade from the Timberwolves. Indeed, social media is one of the only places to look (for now), given that nobody is commenting for the record on this story.

Try to keep up, as this saga spans across multiple social media platforms, terms that are unique to those platforms and involves two Wiggins brothers. 


It all started shortly after news broke of Butler’s demand. Nick Wiggins, the brother of Wolves forward Andrew Wiggins, quote tweeted (where you tweet while citing another tweet below yours) a post from the Atheltic, which first reported the Butler news, adding “Hallelujah” above the Athletic’s tweet. Nick Wiggins’ tweet was up for a short while before he deleted it, but screenshots live forever. 


Somebody must have brought it to Butler’s attention because later in the day, Butler posted an update to his Instagram story (where you take a video and post it to your profile page where it stays for 24 hours. Butler appears to be working out in the video, approaches another person holding the phone with the word “Hallelujah” written on the bottom of the video. Butler then says, “Hallelujah. Keep that same energy.” 

Then former player Stephen Jackson decided to come off the ropes and join the fray. Jackson, an analyst for ESPN, and posted his own video to Instagram in which he imagines a conversation between Andrew and Nick Wiggins shortly after Nick made his “Hallelujah” tweet. 

In the video, Jackson says, among other things, that Butler plays “with a lot of heart,” Andrew Wiggins plays with “no heart” and “If you going to take me to the wizard and help me find the yellow brick road to get me a heart, then cool, you can talk about Jimmy all you want.” Jackson then advised Wiggins to “keep that same energy.” 

Andrew Wiggins then uploaded a post to his Instagram story in response to Jackson. 

“Old dudes stay hating like he was anything special … I keep that same energy everywhere I go!” Wiggins said. 

Wiggins then deleted and reposted it, adding an “SJ” at the beginning of the post, likely to clarify he was talking about Jackson and not Butler. 

Jackson then replied again, after blowing out a few puffs of smoke, saying he wished Wiggins the best but advising him to “make sure your energy is straight when you see me. … I’ll catch you in traffic. 100.”

To add to the fun, former Timberwolves guard Ricky Rubio tweeted nothing but a facepalm emoji after the Butler news hit the internet.

Meanwhile, Bulls forward Lauri Markkanen, whom the Bulls got in the trade for Butler from the Wolves, posted a “tbt” (throwback Thursday” picture of himself in a Wolves hat the night of the 2017 draft. 

If you’re not on social media, look at all the fun you’re missing.