Get sketching


Look for places where you can sit, study the scenery or details, and find inspiration for a quick sketch or several hours. Some ideas:

• The Minnesota Zoo

• Como Zoo (and Conservatory)

• Stone Arch Bridge

• Chain of Lakes in Minneapolis

• Minnehaha Falls Regional Park (also home to the Minnesota School of Botanical Art)

• Gibbs Farm in St. Paul or Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista

• Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge trails, Bloomington



Keep supplies simple when sketching on location: a sturdy sketchbook, a few pencils or pens in a pouch, and an optional portable paint set with synthetic water brushes, which have squeezable barrels filled with water. Wear a cut-off segment of a sock on your wrist for rinsing colors from the brush, or use a washable bandanna. Art stores sell paint sets small enough to wear like watch, but if you have tube paints, you can make an easy homemade travel kit. Use a covered tin (empty Altoids container) and line the bottom with plastic. Repurposing an Orbitz gum tray can contain colors nicely, or use air-dry clay and a lip balm cap to create the wells.

Lisa Meyers McClintick