Age: 22

Job: Merchandise planning business analyst for Target (started on June 9)

Salary: $48,000

What do you do? As a merchandise planning business analyst, I take the items that the buyer has chosen to place in the store and decide how many go to each store and when, based on forecasts. I then respond to how well an item is doing at a specific price.

Education: Bachelor's degree in political science and sociology, University of Minnesota

How'd you get the job? I was looking at the website and I applied online. I had my first interview over the phone, then went to Target headquarters for a day of interviews and presentations.

What's the job market like for a recent grad? I don't think it's good. My brother just graduated as well, and he still doesn't have a job. I think it depends on what field you're looking into.

Previous jobs: I was a congressional intern for Rep. Jim Ramstad this past spring. I've also done research in the Sociology Department at the university, and I worked at the county attorney's office one summer as well, doing records and filing.

What's the best perk of your job? I'm really looking forward to all the opportunities that Target has, because even though I'm starting in merchandising, I could find a niche somewhere else.

What would be your dream job? President of the United States of America.

What do you think will make you good at your job? Really, my education is probably going to make me the best at my job, between my extracurricular activities, which taught me teamwork, time management, different things like that, to my actual classroom work, which taught me problem-solving, analytical skills as well as a solid writing foundation.

Advice to recent grads and job searchers: Apply to as many places as possible, even if you don't get an interview. If you do, you'll learn more about a company and what you could potentially bring to a company. Don't close your doors based on your degree. I have a degree in political science and sociology and I'm going into merchandising.