Type: Retail

Area: 28,750 square feet

Architect: Elliot Architects

Details: The streetscape along South St. Paul's Southview Boulevard will be getting a welcome updating with plans from Golden Valley-based Central Bank to renovate its branch in the Dakota County suburb.

For many years, the building in South St. Paul's ailing main retail core was home to Southview Bank, a community mainstay. It was purchased in 2001 by Mainstreet Bank of Forest Lake. After Mainstreet fell victim to the financial crisis in 2009, its South St. Paul assets were obtained by Central Bank, an independent community banker now boasting 20 locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida.

The two-story structure currently has a dated appearance with a flat, nearly featureless two-tone brick front facing Southview, but that would change drastically under plans unveiled by Hudson, Wis.-based Elliot Architects.

The key to the exterior remodel is a new addition to be built on the east side of the structure. Its function is to allow for the installation of an elevator and stairway to the second level, but it also serves an aesthetic purpose, enabling the construction of a new entry canopy.

Also as part of the plans, "eyebrow" canopies will be placed above the windows, giving more depth to the surface. Also, the brick exterior facade will be "reskinned" with stucco and architectural metal panels to produce a more modern look.

The bank's interior is in line for a makeover as well, with a reconfiguration of its existing layout and the introduction of new finishes.

Don Jacobson is a freelance writer in St. Paul. He can be contacted at hotproperty.startribune@gmail.com.