I got my first look at Gophers freshman quarterback Demry Croft at today's first practice, and he looks all of the 6-5, 200 pounds that he's listed at on the roster.

Croft showed good arm strength and a tight spiral, but you could tell he's got a lot to learn. He stumbled at times, but he also threaded the needle between multiple defenders on a nifty pas to EJ Sardinha.

"The young rookie -- he doesn’t say much," coach Jerry Kill said. "If I said somebody that didn’t say much reminds me of Teddy Bridgewater, I hope he turns out as good as that. If something doesn't go right, he just [stays calm]. He’s got the personality that you want. He isn't worried about too many things."

Always interesting to see who lines up with the first team units, even if things could easily change. Here's what I gathered:

First-team O-line: LT Ben Lauer, LG Jon Christenson, C Brian Bobek, RG Josh Campion, RT Jonah Pirsig.

Second-team O-line: LT Alex Mayes, LG Joe Bjorklund, C Connor Mayes, RG Tyler Moore, RT Foster Bush.

First-team D-line: DE Theiren Cockran, DT Steven Richardson, DT Scott Ekpe, DE Hendrick Ekpe.

First-team LBs: De'Vondre Campbell, Everett Williams and Jack Lynn.

Second-team LBs: Jonathan Celestin, Cody Poock, Julian Huff.

First-team DBs: CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun, S Antonio Johnson, S Damarius Travis, CB Eric Murray.