This should help some people: an app for nervous fliers.

ANA designed a relatively engaging game with some relaxing ambient noises, hoping to distract players from persistent thoughts of death by plane crash. Players tilt the phone to get a sphere to land on a spot and score points before the clock runs out. What distinguishes ANA Flight from a run-of-the-mill mobile game is that it can sense when takeoff commences, by reading and analyzing sound. When it senses the right frequencies, the app pauses the game and shows a takeoff animation.

The author of the piece, who is a nervous flier himself notes that gulping shots at 8 AM isn’t always the best option for dealing with plane anxiety. Speaking as a former nervous flier, or “scairdy cat,” I’ll drink to that. Or rather I won’t. I love flying now. Especially take-off. For years I took trains, because they were so much more relaxing! And civilized! What with the bad food and plugged toilets (once I had a private compartment whose trash, unemptied when I boarded, contained a soiled diaper) and cigarette stink in the bar car. Why, it was far preferable to getting to your destination in 3 hours. It was all a lie - well, some of it. I did like trains. But trains are slow and late and creaky, and if you have a sleeping compartment and you woke in the middle of the night with a common urge, you had to get out of your compartment and put the bed up to provide access to the commode, all the while bouncing back and forth on bad tracks.

Eventually I started flying again. The first time I took a little anti-anxiety pill that made me sound like Frankenstein with four impacted wisdom teeth. This I do not recommend. In fact the only thing that really works in the long run is flying and not crashing. You get used to the sounds, including that hideous WHIRRR! WHIRRR! WHIRRRRRRR! that sounds like someone is putting a large duck through a buzzsaw; you learn that when the engines slow down after you’ve taken off it doesn’t mean the plane is going to tumble backwards; you learn that the bong! you hear shortly after take-off it is not a signal from the cockpit that the flight attendants should make peace with their maker. And so on. Still hate turbulence, but if you don’t fly, there’s so much you miss.

I mean, how else can you go-go to the go-go?