ACER c200 PROJECTOR $199.99

Perfect gadget for meetings on the go

Many conference rooms have projectors hanging from the ceiling of the room or other technology to show visual parts of a presentation. However, when you have to grab any available room for a quick meeting, a portable projector is a lifesaver.

The Acer C200 Portable LED Projector is smaller than many of its competitors — 4.3 by 4.7 by 1.2 inches — and designed to take on business trips at a light 12 ounces. It works on AC power for as long as 4½ hours and has a built-in battery.

The LED turns on and off almost instantly, which is impressive. If you have ever used a projector, you will know that most of them need time to warm up and cool down.

There is a round, four-button control pad on top to choose the projector mode (bright, standard or eco), which adjusts the brightness of the LED.

The control pad also brings up the menu for configuration, and the left and right buttons adjust the volume if you have speakers or headphones connected to the projector’s audio out port.

The rear panel houses the audio out port, HDMI/MHL port, USB and AC power jack.

Because the C200 is so small, the power adapter seems on the large side. The plug is about half the size of the projector.

A few quibbles: The flip stand is not very useful. Be prepared to prop up the projector with something else.

The C200 works well in a very dark room. Any light from overhead bulbs or windows will render it almost unusable unless you really move it in close to the wall. So dim the lights as much as you can. Also, projecting onto a screen like a whiteboard helps.

There is no zoom. However, the C200 knows its place in the projector world, and it works well if you realize that it’s not a full-size projector.

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Dashlane FREE

Password program is best of the bunch

As password programs go, Dashlane has a lot going for it. Dashlane will generate complex passwords, remember them and store sign-on fields as they are typed.

Its customer service leaves a lot to be desired, but compared to competitors Dashlane is a keeper.

Dashlane’s basic services are free; a more complex version is available for a monthly subscription fee.

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