• Alabama coach Nick Saban is a driven, football-first guy, but this is amazing: He said he didn't know the presidential election was happening Tuesday: "We're focused on other things here."

• Multiple teams reportedly expressed interest in trading for Twins second baseman Brian Dozier during MLB's GM meetings. If it's the right deal, the Twins have to listen.


If we're going to be dragged into the men's college basketball season while we're still able to wear shorts, it might as well be to watch Arizona vs. Michigan State (6 p.m.) and Indiana vs. Kansas (8 p.m.) on ESPN.


"A total teardown makes no sense in the Twins' case because 1) the core of young players is already in the majors, 2) both Falvey and Levine embrace the philosophy of planting veterans in the lineup to serve as role models, and 3) the rebuilding period in Minnesota has essentially been going on since 2011."

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"Really America?" — Wednesday tweet from Wolves guard Ricky Rubio.