Anthony Swarzak came into Thursday night's Twins/Jays game in middle relief, throwing three scoreless innings to provide one of the lone bright spots for the home team as it fell to 8-23. It was the second consecutive night that a reliever came in for a struggling starter and threw three very good innings (Brian Duensing was the long man on Wednesday), but starting pitching wasn't the only deficiency last night. There were poor plays all around the field. In fact, lately, strong fundamentals from the Twins have been about as rare and verifiable as a sighting of sasquatch, aka Bigfoot.

Is there a way to connect all those strange thoughts? Why yes. Yes there is.

Swarzak, you see, is apparently a firm believer in the existence of sasquatch. He posted a tweet about it a little more than a month ago. Lest you think he was joking, we are told he is most certainly very serious about the existence of the ape-like cryptid that purportedly inhabits forests. Either that, or this one very long, very official and very awesome joke. But we really don't think so, which makes it even better.

Our guy Kris Atteberry had an interview with Swarzak on the Twins Radio Network pregame show last night during which the subject of sasquatch was discussed extensively.

"I think they are real. There are many of them throughout our country. Specifically where they are, I don't know," Swarzak said. "I don't think anybody knows."

Swarzak also references a recent sighting near Afton, Minn., which might be referring to this print.

In any event, we have obtained the audio of the interview and used our very crude technological skills to make it into a video featuring images of Swarzak and his beloved sasquatch. In the midst of a dreary season, please do enjoy this moment (and please note we are not trying to make fun of Swarzak. We just think this whole thing is fantastic. Bigfoot could certainly be real for all we know):